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Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones leaked by the FCC

Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones leaked by the FCC

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Beats has earned some strong praise for its Solo2 headphones, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that a wireless set is in the works. Unfortunately for Beats and Apple, the FCC has spoiled the surprise ahead of any announcement. New documents spotted by 9to5Mac confirm that "solo2 wireless" headphones have passed through the FCC's testing labs. The documents only contain basic schematics, but we wouldn't expect the wireless Solo2s to deviate much from the wired models released earlier this year.

9to5Mac says the new model is "Apple-branded," though all we can say for sure is that Apple appears in the fine print on the packaging. We're not so convinced that the famed Beats logo will be sharing space with Apple on the actual Solo2 Wireless headphones. If nothing else, this is likely to be the first Beats hardware with Apple's name on it — even if just a tiny font on the box. Seeing the usual legal rundowns for Android and Microsoft on an Apple product is also a bit strange, but that's the world we're in now that Beats and Apple are one company.

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As for other critical details on the Solo2 Wireless headphones (i.e. price), we'll just have to wait for the official word. The wired version retails for $199.99, but Bluetooth and the freedom of going wireless will probably demand a higher premium.