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Major Xbox One update with custom backgrounds and Twitter support is here

Major Xbox One update with custom backgrounds and Twitter support is here

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When you turn on your Xbox One this weekend, you might notice a few changes. Microsoft is rolling out one of the largest feature updates yet for its game console to all users starting this weekend. A year after launch, the console now has customizable backgrounds. You'll be able to set an achievement image or any other photo from a USB drive as your homescreen wallpaper, replacing the black backdrop we've all been staring at for months.

That's not the only new customization feature: the bio and location fields, which disappeared during the transition from the Xbox 360, are now back in your profile, and there's a new "showcase" that allows you to mark a handful of achievements and gameplay clips to highlight to your friends.

One of the most significant Xbox One updates yet

Twitter is now integrated into the console for the first time as well. You'll be able to share gameplay clips on the social network, but perhaps what's most interesting are lists in the OneGuide that highlight the most popular TV programs in your area on Twitter at any given moment. You can also keep tabs on a timeline of tweets on your favorite show with the MiniGuide while you watch. Despite the improvements, unfortunately there's still no full-fledged Twitter app — we can't help but think Snap was designed for a Twitter feed, but it seems the Xbox team disagrees.

There are some other upgrades as well, including a new "What's On" tab on the homescreen that invites you to watch shows and movies on TV, Twitch or elsewhere.

Microsoft first announced the update last month, but now it's rolling out to all users. Watch the video above for more while you wait for it to hit your console.