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Get a 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 16GB model right now at T-Mobile

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Apple has always been a bit of a miser when it comes to smartphone memory, but a new Cyber Monday deal from T-Mobile has the answer: free upgrades. Buy an iPhone 6 with 16GB of memory, and the carrier will upgrade you to the 64GB model; an iPhone 5S 32GB magically becomes a 5S 64GB, and the iPhone 5C 8GB is bumped up to an iPhone 5C 32GB.

It’s a pretty flawless deal for the iPhone, which has always been hamstrung by limited storage. (And not just for apps, music, and photos - try upgrading iOS without a couple of gigabytes space to play with, and you'll feel the need for extra memory.) However, the deal is online only, and T-Mobile says its inventory is "limited" so act fast if you’re interested.