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'House of Cards' will return February 27th, 2015

'House of Cards' will return February 27th, 2015

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House of Cards, Netflix's first breakout success, is coming back for a third season. Netflix today announced the premiere date: February 27th, 2015.

The first season of House of Cards, adapted from the BBC miniseries of the same name, stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as a power-hungry political couple with a penchant for Shakespeare and breaking the fourth wall. It was the first online-only TV series to be nominated for both Primetime Emmy Awards (nine) and Golden Globes (four).

The 13-episode second season of House of Cards debuted this past Valentine's Day, February 14th, and was reportedly finished by over half a million people in the first weekend — and by at least one person (me) in the first 12 hours. There's still plenty of time to catch up — now in 4K resolution.

Welp, now we're gonna need actual Valentine's Day plans.

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