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Huawei claims 'nobody made any money in Windows Phone'

Huawei claims 'nobody made any money in Windows Phone'

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Huawei revealed earlier this year that it was creating a dual-booting Windows Phone and Android handset for the US, before ditching its plans a short time later. While the Chinese manufacturer never explained its backtracking, it’s making its feeling for Windows Phone clear this week. In an interview with The Seattle Times, Huawei’s head of international media affairs, Joe Kelly, has revealed the company didn’t make money from its two handsets running Windows Phone, and that "nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

A bold statement at a bad time for Microsoft

The bold statement comes just months after Microsoft made Windows Phone free for device manufacturers, and more than a year after Huawei previously described Windows Phone as "weak." Since then, Microsoft has also launched a web-based hardware partner portal alongside Windows Phone 8.1, allowing smaller device manufacturers, stores, and operators to create white-label Windows Phone devices with low specifications and low prices. Microsoft is trying to boost Windows Phone sales and usage through this and many other efforts.

Microsoft also announced new Windows Phone partnerships with Chinese manufacturers like Foxconn, Lenovo, Longcheer, and ZTE earlier this year, and Huawei appears to be the first existing partner to put its plans on hold for future Microsoft-powered devices. Huawei’s comments come just as Microsoft is desperately trying to tempt more device manufacturers to adopt its mobile operating system amid its ongoing struggle to compete with Android.