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Nokia's map app for Android is no longer a Samsung exclusive

Nokia's map app for Android is no longer a Samsung exclusive


Here for Android is finally available in the Google Play Store

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After launching in October as an exclusive for Samsung Galaxy devices, the app called Here for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Along with the expanded rollout, Here is also adding 18 more voice-navigable countries, bringing its total to 118.

All of the features you would expect from a top-tier mapping service are available on Here for Android, including voice-guided navigation, public transit information, offline maps (including offline turn-by-turn navigation), and the ability to share your location privately with friends and family.

Here still has plans to bring its mapping service to iOS, noting that Apple users have "expressed interest" in the app. That's something that Here should prioritize, as the opportunity to become a leading mapping services seems greater on iOS than it does on Android. The competition is stiffer on Android — Google Maps is installed by default and well-respected — and while Apple's Maps app has made great strides since it experienced major issues during its launch in 2012, there are probably still lingering trust issues in the minds of some consumers. Here says its development team is working, and it plans to "officially launch Here for iOS in early 2015."

You can download Here for Android in the Google Play Store.