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Uber's app will now be pre-installed on Sprint's Android phones

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Despite seemingly unending turmoil, Uber is trying to stay focused on getting its product in the hands of as many potential users as possible. To that end, Uber and wireless carrier Sprint have just announced a partnership that'll see the Uber app pre-installed on "most" of Sprint's new Android devices. What exactly constitutes a new Android device from Sprint is not clear — the company didn't give any specifics on what exact devices would have Uber pre-installed.

Sprint's a logical partner for Uber — the company already has a similar partnership with AT&T, and Sprint has never shied away from including a startling amount of bloatware apps on its phones. Hopefully for those that don't want to use Uber for one reason or another will be able to easily uninstall the app. It's hardly the first partnership Uber has created to drive more people to try it, either — earlier this year, a partnership with Google made it simple to hail an Uber straight from the Google Maps app for iOS and Android. For those that are on Sprint and haven't tried Uber yet, the company will give a $20 ride credit to Sprint customers who create a new account.