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Microsoft brings more exclusive Windows Phone apps to iOS and Android

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Microsoft’s Android and iOS focus is continuing today with the release of a number of MSN apps. MSN News, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Sports, and Weather are all making their way to iOS and Android today, with the Weather iOS app coming soon. Microsoft is also releasing each app on Amazon's App Store for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone owners. All of the apps have been available on Windows and Windows Phone exclusively for months, originally as unique apps that were used to demonstrate the benefits of Microsoft’s own platform. Microsoft is also taking advantage of Apple's HealthKit integration with the Health & Fitness app, allowing iPhone users to track steps and activity using the app.

Microsoft’s move to bring these apps to rival platforms is the latest in a series of changes that position the company as a provider of services and apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. News, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Sports, and Weather were all recently renamed to MSN as part of a revamp of the company’s MSN brand. Microsoft promised the apps for Android and iOS back in September, and the delivery is just in time for the holidays. The apps provide access to the latest news, recipe tips, exercise information, and sports results around the world. You can find each app over at Google PlayApple’s App Store, and Amazon's App Store.