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Google's updated search app brings its Android design to iOS

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Google today updated its core search app for iOS, and the latest version does much more than add iPhone 6 support. Google's given the entire app a makeover and says it's "completely rebuilt" with animations styled after Android 5.0 and the company's Material Design guidelines. This is probably most apparent in the new "recents" section, which collects your open and recently visited search pages in a multitask view that looks as though it was pulled straight from Lollipop.

Also new is the persistent Google button at the bottom of the app. Tapping this immediately brings up a search box, with voice search just another tap away. Google Maps has also seen much deeper integration with the Google app; you can swipe around and tap on destinations just as you can in the standalone Maps app, but requesting directions will kick you over to the proper app. All of the Google Now features also remain, so it's a nice refresh for Google's core iOS app. We're curious about how many people actively use it when search is so easily accessible through Spotlight and Apple's Safari. But if you're ever wanted a very small taste of Android, here's your chance.