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Apple is being investigated for anti-competitive practices in Canada

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No charges have been filed

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Apple's Canadian arm is being investigated by Canada's Competition Bureau for allegations it used anti-competitive practices to negotiate deals with Canadian cell carriers, Reuters reports.

The Competition Bureau — Canada's antitrust watchdog — wouldn't say who made the allegations, but did say Apple is being looked at for putting clauses that would hinder competition in its contracts with carriers. While it has sought a court order compelling Apple to hand over records related to the investigation, the Competition Bureau wouldn't reveal whether it has gone after corresponding records kept by Canadian carriers.

No official charges have been filed against Apple

No official charges have been filed against Apple, and the Competition Bureau noted that no evidence has been found that could corroborate the allegations. In an email to Reuters, Competition Bureau spokesman Greg Scott did say "should evidence indicate that the Competition Act has been contravened, the Commissioner will take appropriate action."

If evidence is found by the Competition Bureau showing Apple engaged in anti-competitive behavior, the Competition Bureau will first ask Apple to voluntarily remedy the situation. If Apple doesn't comply, the case would be brought before the Competition Tribunal, who can inflict penalties up to the divesting of assets or shares from the company.

Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment.