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Price Check: your first VR headset, a cheap Bluetooth speaker, and great coffee at home

Price Check: your first VR headset, a cheap Bluetooth speaker, and great coffee at home

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Welcome to Price Check, our weekly post dedicated to sorting through all the new products and deals that we find. We also get a ton of gadgets sent to our office, so consider this the best place for us to tell you about them and where you can find them — sometimes even for cheap.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

There are many reasons the Gear VR could be the first consumer VR headset for a lot of people. Released this week, it was built in partnership with Oculus Rift — but it has a higher resolution, it's lightweight, and it's actually pretty affordable. There's a growing selection of VR-enabled games and other content, and Samsung is already working on a 360-degree camera that can produce immersive video. In fact, the biggest barrier for most people is probably its compatibility, or lack thereof — the Gear VR only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Gear VR at Samsung ($199)

Jawbone Mini Jambox

Jawbone mini jambox

Jawbone's Mini Jambox isn't the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy if you're looking for great sound quality. But considering it normally retails for $129, getting it for nearly half off makes it an attractive option. Price is still half the battle when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, and this one is at least extremely portable.

Jawbone Mini Jambox ($69)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare

The newest Call of Duty is big, beautiful, and is bursting at the seams with the amped-up action the series was built on. It also threw one of our editors into a moral quandary. But in the end, even he admitted he was going to have a hard time pulling himself away from the action. Blockbuster titles like this don't come cheap, so this is your best chance to grab it for less than the sticker price.

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare on Steam (25% off)

Bonavita coffee maker

Bonavita coffee maker

You could say we're coffee fiends here at The Verge. We complain enough about the quality of the coffee on our floor that we'll go to other floors to find better. We shell out $4 for cold brew coffee at the shops in our neighborhood. At home, it's no different — a handful of the staff owns this coffee maker, which is good enough to handle things like maintaining the right brewing temperature but not so high-end that it will cost you a whole paycheck.

Bonavita BV1800TH at Amazon ($160)

Lenovo X1 Carbon ThinkPad

Lenovo x1 carbon ThinkPad

The ThinkPad line has been a standard-bearer for laptops for years now, and Lenovo's still doing great things with its latest Windows Ultrabook. It's not going to wow you with stunning design, but it's a workhorse computer with a 14-inch screen, and right now you can get it for over $400 off the retail price.

Lenovo X1 Carbon ThinkPad at Amazon ($959)

Dualshock 4 controller (PS4)

Dualshock 4

Bad things happen to video game controllers. If you're lucky enough to avoid covering yours in soda or salsa, there's a good chance your dog will get to it, or maybe you'll just lose it outright. The point is, you can never have too many, and Newegg is selling the Dualshock 4 for 20 percent off — so it's a good time to stock up.

Dualshock 4 at Newegg ($39)