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Apple's new holiday ad is another heartwarmer

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Apple's been no stranger to iconic commercials over the years, and its newest holiday ad looks to follow in those footsteps. This year's 90-second spot, titled "The Song," features a girl using various Apple products to transform a vinyl recording of her grandmother's voice with music of her own, creating a decades-spanning collaborative gift. It's not meant to sell a specific product so much as it's meant to tug at the proverbial heartstrings just as those last-minute holiday purchases are being made.

The ad is sure to bring up memories of last year's popular (and Creative Arts Emmy-winning) holiday commercial, which followed a seemingly phone-obsessed boy throughout his family's Christmas celebration only to reveal that he was making a home movie the whole time. Both commercials use the same cinéma vérité look and feel that Apple has adopted for many of its commercials in the last few years, a shift that has let the company advertise how its products are used instead of just being loud and colorful like the style that was so popular in the iPod era.