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Bose might be building its own streaming music service

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Bose is a well-known player in music hardware — but just as Beats did, it looks like the company is trying to get into the content business, as well. As noticed by Hypebot, Bose currently has a job opening for a senior user experience designer, working under its "cloud music services" group. Rather than working to integrate Bose technology with existing services, the job listing says this candidate will "lead design and prototyping of our next generation streaming music platform and ecosystem of products." Ideally, Bose's ideal candidate will have previously worked for one of the leaders in online music such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple, Rdio, Google Play, or Beats, among others.

The posting also makes it sound like Bose's product is in the very early stages of development, as this new hire would also be responsible for building concepts and prototypes before moving into actual development of the product. Still, if and when this does launch, it'll put Bose in direct competition with Apple in a way it hasn't yet — the Apple-owned Beats is already dealing in expensive audio gear as well as a streaming service, just as Bose could do if this project pans out. And Apple's purchase of Beats appears to have already led to a (brief) period of turbulence between Apple and Bose — battling it out on both the streaming music and hardware front might be one step too far, though it's something we likely won't see for many months.