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SoundCloud's new Collection feature makes keeping tabs on your favorite music easier

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SoundCloud is a great resource for finding new music from artists big and small, oddball remixes, and a whole host of songs from amateur musicians, but it hasn't always been the most intuitive site to browse. Its main view is a chronological, Twitter-style feed of music from users that you follow, but SoundCloud just took the smart step of adding a new way to browse your music. The "Collection" view consists of three main sections: all of the artists you follow, all of the tracks and playlists you've liked, and all of the playlists that you've created yourself.

The main few of the SoundCloud Collection is an overview that shows off top selections from all three of those categories, but you can drill down and see everything under each grouping easily enough. This makes it a bit easier to see what's newest from an artist you follow — you could see all of your followed artists with a few clicks before, but this puts it more front and center.

It's not a major interface change, but it should make navigating a large SoundCloud collection more intuitive going forward, particularly on a mobile device. It's a particularly smart move given YouTube's big push into music, as well — if SoundCloud is going to try and remain relevant when competing against Google's massive content outlet, it's going to need to make things as easy as possible for users. SoundCloud says this view is live now for iOS and on the web, and the Collection feature should be coming to Android in 2015.