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Ars Technica is the latest site to fall victim to hack

Ars Technica is the latest site to fall victim to hack

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There has been a lot of hacking news in the past few weeks, and now noted technology news site Ars Technica has fallen victim to a hack. The site's front page has gone black, with white text reading "Ars Security" alongside a couple of Twitter handles, presumably of those who have taken control of the site. There's also some music playing to keep you occupied while waiting for the site to come back online.

The issue doesn't appear to be completely widespread, as some Verge staffers located in different points around the globe aren't currently having issues connecting to the site. Ars itself is also aware of the hack; the site's Twitter account indicates they should be back online soon.

As for the hack itself, it appears similar to the Syrian Electronic Army hacks that went around earlier this year and back into 2013. These attacks typically involve rerouting a site's address to another location through a DNS attack; former high-profile victims of these attacks include Microsoft, Twitter, and The New York Times.