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HBO Go is finally available on Amazon Fire TV, unless you're a Comcast subscriber

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Amazon is filling in one of the biggest missing features on the Fire TV today: access to HBO Go. HBO subscribers will now be able to stream the network's movies and TV series on the Fire TV, with support for the Fire TV Stick starting this spring. "We’re thrilled to add HBO Go, the most requested service, to Fire TV in time for the holidays," Amazon says in a statement. "HBO has produced some of the most groundbreaking and award-winning TV shows and movies, and we are excited to bring this amazing content to our customers, all of which is accessible via voice search on your Fire TV remote."

"Comcast and Charter are not currently supporting HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV"

There's a catch, however. "Comcast and Charter are not currently supporting HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV," according to an Amazon spokesperson, saying customers should "reach out to Comcast and Charter for further information on availability." This is typical behavior for the plodding Comcast. In the past, the company has told The Verge "With every new website, device or player we authenticate, we need to work through technical integration and customer service which takes time and resources. Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize as we partner with various players." Comcast customers can access HBO Go on Apple TV, Kindle Fire, and the Xbox One, among other platforms.

That addition catches the Fire TV up to other major streaming boxes, including the Apple TV and Roku. Amazon seems to be aware that this is going to make the Fire TV all the more appealing, and it's putting the device on sale for $79 — down from $99 — through December 28th, meaning Amazon is set up to sell plenty of these for the holidays.

Update Dec 16, 1:01AM: This post has been updated to reflect the lack of Comcast and Charter support.