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Sony Pictures CEO promises employees that hack 'will not take us down'

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Michael Lynton
Michael Lynton
Pool/Getty Images

Sony Pictures' legal team has begun its campaign to beat back media coverage of the studio's hack, and today leadership tried to address internal concerns during a company-wide town hall. Variety reports that CEO Michael Lynton and co-chairman Amy Pascal led two meetings on Sony's lot in Culver City, California, with Lynton acknowledging the hardships, but assuring employees that "this will not take us down."

According to Deadline, Lynton told those assembled that the "highest level" of the FBI was handling the investigation, and praised employees for sticking together despite the prolific leak of emails, documents, and personal information that has struck the studio in the past few weeks. Today's meeting had originally been scheduled for last Friday, but is said to have been pushed due to weather concerns. Attendance was reportedly so high that hundreds of employees were left outside at the first town hall, with others making it into the second event. Variety reports that employees based in New York had also been slated to attend remotely, but were unable to do so due to technical glitches.

The group behind the leak has continued to drop new batches of confidential information on an almost daily basis and has promised an upcoming "Christmas gift" leak that would "put Sony Pictures into the worst state." While Lynton didn't directly address those threats, he remained bullish on the studio's prospects, telling the team, "You should not be worried about the future of this studio."