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Best New Apps: Group Text+

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Sending a hot GIF to your friends has never been easier

Sending group messages on your iPhone is a chore: you have to start a new conversation, pick each contact individually, write your message, attach an image or link if you want, then finally press send. Group Text+, a new app from the makers of Launch Center Pro and Perfect Weather aims to streamline this process with easy access to premade groups, images, GIFs via Giphy, what's on your clipboard, your location, and more. Once you've created your groups, which can be either iMessage or standard SMS, you can send an image or a message to the entire group with just a couple of taps. Group Text+ also integrates with iOS 8's Share Sheets, letting you quickly share things from other apps to your group. Creating each group you want to use is still a pain, but once it's done, using the app is quick and easy. Group Text+ is available in the App Store for a launch price of $1.99 today. If you're looking for the same functionality for email, the developers also have Email+, available for $2.99.