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NBC is launching a live stream of its shows

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NBC is launching a live stream of its network shows for audiences anywhere they go. According to The Wall Street Journal, the network will allow viewers to stream its broadcast programming online and on mobile. However, unlike CBS' recently-launched CBS All Access offering and HBO's upcoming standalone service, viewers will need to verify that they are paying TV subscribers in order to access NBC's content.

NBCUniversal wrote in a statement that it is "committed to supporting the TV Everywhere ecosystem," a notion that has allowed most networks to offer their shows online. The new service will launch today online, while mobile service will be available early next year. The Journal reports that the move was made as a means of catching up to the competition in the internet TV arena, and NBCUniversal plans on committing millions to the newly launched service to get audiences to start using it. However, NBC is still on the back foot since their service needs a pay-TV subscription. For now, cord-cutting fans of SNL and those looking forward to the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation will need to give login credentials to access the stream and additional content.