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Microsoft building service to stream apps and games to phones and tablets

Microsoft building service to stream apps and games to phones and tablets


Arcadia could bring a world of new apps to Windows

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Microsoft is continuing its experimentation with streaming apps and games on Windows. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that the software maker is building a service codenamed Arcadia, a reference to a planet in the Halo game series, to stream apps and games to Windows. Microsoft previously demonstrated a similar streaming service at the company’s annual internal meeting last year, but that largely games-focused technology has reportedly been discontinued in favor of a renewed focus on apps and games. Microsoft is currently developing Arcadia, and a recent job posting hints that the work is part of the operating systems group (Windows) at the company.

While Microsoft continues to work on potentially bringing Android apps to Windows, ZDNet reports that the company floated its upcoming streaming service as a way for consumers to access additional apps that aren’t available on Windows and Windows Phone. The streaming idea has reportedly been tabled, but Microsoft’s work on running Android apps on Windows continues. It’s not clear when Microsoft will bring app and game streaming to Windows, but the job listing also mentions that iOS and Android experience "is a plus," suggesting that the company could launch its future service across multiple platforms. That would make sense given Microsoft’s focus on Android and iOS, but the service won’t likely launch soon as it’s only in the early development stages.