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Pebble gets better notification support on Android

Pebble gets better notification support on Android


New feature brings Pebble's notification system to parity with Android Wear

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Following the launch of full notification support on Android last month, Pebble is today announcing preliminary support for actionable notifications on the platform. Actionable notifications will let users delete email, reply to messages, and more from the Pebble without having to touch the smartphone. It's a similar capability to what Android Wear offers for many notifications. Prior to this, Pebble owners could only read and dismiss notifications from their wrists.

The new feature is available to for those that sign up for Pebble's Android beta starting today, and requires an Android device with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or newer. You can see a demo of it in action in the videos below.

Update, 2:00PM ET December 16, 2014: We've spoken to Pebble about whether or not this functionality would come to iOS at some point and the company said "We would love to work with Apple to bring more functionality to our iOS users and we’re constantly bringing new features to the iOS platform." Pebble added the ability to dismiss notifications on an iPhone earlier this year, but more advanced functions such as deleting emails or responding to messages will likely require Apple to make changes to how it delivers notifications to accessories like the Pebble.