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James Franco and Seth Rogen cancel press appearances after The Interview threat

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James Franco and Seth Rogen are canceling press appearances for The Interview following threats from the Sony hackers against theaters screening the film, according to BuzzFeed. No specific threat was made against either actor, but it's evident that the hackers are not happy with them, let alone anyone else associated with or even seeing the film. The movie is about and depicts the assassination of Kim Jong-un, and it's widely suspected that North Korea is involved in the attack on Sony. The country has denied any involvement.

The threat was made early this afternoon, with the hackers referencing 9/11 and writing that they "recommend you to keep yourself distant" from theaters screening The Interview. It's not clear how marketing for The Interview will proceed ahead of its Christmas day release. Deadline reports that, so far, all press appearances have been canceled through the end of the week, including plans for The Tonight Show and Late Night. Promotion for the film isn't being cut off entirely, however, and it's still possible that appearances will resume in the future.