The gorgeous desolation of Destiny's concept art

'Beautifully strange, and instantly believable.'


If you're scrambling for last minute gift ideas, few things beat a big book of beautiful sci-fi concept art.

The new The Art of Destiny hardcover is just that, a great collection of some of the paintings and illustrations that helped inform Bungie's latest galaxy-spanning epic. While the game itself was divisive, Destiny was an undeniably gorgeous experience, a game that almost looks like a piece of concept art brought to life in three dimensions. Landscapes like the barren Moon and the strangely alien forests of Venus are wonderful to just walk around, and the character and spaceship designs harken back to the worn down style exemplified by Ralph Mcquarrie on the original Star Wars. Even the guns look cool. "We wanted Destiny to be familiar and relatable, beautifully strange, and instantly believable," art director Christopher Barrett explains in the book's preface.

You can check out a selection of the art below, but be sure to grab the book right here.

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