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Twitter and Foursquare could be teaming up in 2015

Twitter and Foursquare could be teaming up in 2015


Location is poised to become more relevant

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Twitter and Foursquare might be going into business together in 2015, according to a source for Business Insider. The partnership would introduce geo-based features similar to Foursquare's venue check-ins and local recommendations, along with location-specific content. The new functions may make an appearance as early as the next quarter.

Business Insider writes that an unnamed Twitter spokesperson called location a "vehicle of discovery," but declined to confirm the partnership. Similarly, a Foursquare representative refused comment. Twitter appears to be keen on exploring the advantages of location-based data. It recently ran tests to examine the impact of location and has even hired David Blackman, who previously worked as Foursquare's lead geographic infrastructure engineer.