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FCC may fine Sprint $105 million for 'cramming' customers

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The Federal Communications Commission is looking to fine Sprint $105 million for "mobile cramming," which involves customers being billed for unwanted services like spam SMS messages or daily horoscopes. National Journal writes that nothing has been finalized as of yet and FCC commissioners are still reviewing the situation. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is also "mulling over action," according to National Journal. A Sprint representative noted that the company does not "comment on rumors and speculation."

If the FCC elects to take action, this will result in Sprint tying AT&T for the largest cramming settlement in history. The rival telecommunications company was fined $105 million for similar allegations in October. $80 million was set aside by the FTC to establish a reimbursement program, $20 million for individual states, while another $5 million for the FCC itself. AT&T was also required to develop a system that would ensure customers are informed and provided opportunity to consent to third-party charges.