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Dr. Dreidel is the dreidel that beats all others

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Well, we're peepin', and we're creepin', and we're writin'
Just look at what we caught: a wooden Dreidel that's just bangin'
Now it's time for me to have my impression read,
About this instrument printed with Dr. Dre's head,
You never seen Hannukah like this befo'
With Hebrew letters on sides times four,
At the same time with the Beats guy's pics,
You know, and I know, we all want some of this sh*t,
To add to our collection, but dejection
Is incoming, Hannah Rothstein ain't selling
it to me, or any other dude
But if she does, we'll make sure to tell you too

-Dreidel is a "G" Thang

American artist Hannah Rothstein is putting a new spin on Hanukkah with her Dr. Dreidel, a clever marriage of pop culture and Jewish tradition. The laser-etched wooden instrument features four different images of Dr. Dre, each selected to correlate with a Hebrew letter and "the aftermath of the dreidel's spin." Although the item was conceptualized by Rothstein, the packing and laser etching was done by Chris McCoy of you3Dit.

This one-of-a-kind creation is not currently for sale, but Rothstein has said she may consider production. Given the internet's enthused reception, there is definitely hope of hearing some fly beats by Dreidel.

From space to cats to moms to Colbert to uh
From space to cats to moms to Colbert to uh
From space to cats, TLDR's like all about those
So jus' chill, 'til the next episode