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You can now watch Netflix directly on Dish's Hopper DVR

You can now watch Netflix directly on Dish's Hopper DVR


Dish becomes first big US pay-TV provider to integrate the streaming app

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Netflix is now available on Dish's second-generation Hopper DVR, both companies announced today. With the news, Dish is claiming itself to be the first major US pay-TV provider to give Netflix a home on its set-top box. The streaming service has arranged similar deals with international cable providers, but reaching an integration pact with Dish definitely represents significant progress here in the United States. It gives customers faster access to shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, and helps Netflix become even more entrenched in the living room.

So far, you can only find a dedicated Netflix "channel" on small cable operators like Atlantic Broadband, RCN Telecom Services, and Grande Communications. Convincing Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and others to follow Dish's lead may be a tougher sell for Reed Hastings to make.

Dish says the app its users will see resembles Netflix's other software on set-top boxes and game consoles. For now, it'll only be accessible on the second-gen Hopper. Dish plans to roll out Netflix to its Joey, Super Joey, and Wireless Joey boxes "in the coming months." Further, the satellite company is hinting that it will eventually integrate Netflix content into its own search results on Hopper — and also its forthcoming over-the-top internet TV service.

Netflix on Dish