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Microsoft's Xim app now shares photos to Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox One

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Microsoft's Xim photo sharing app debuted in October from the company's research labs, and today it's getting a big update. Available across Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, the latest version of Xim lets you share photos to an Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, or Xbox One simultaneously, alongside existing mobile devices. Microsoft is making use of the various wireless sharing protocols that each device uses to get content into the living room and on TVs. It's one of the first times that Microsoft has provided support for Apple TV or Chromecast in its iOS apps.

Xim is Microsoft's take on photo sharing and slideshows. A group Xim allows up to 50 photos to be shared between friends via their mobile number or email address, and Microsoft creates non-permanent cloud-based groups that are viewable in a browser and are synchronized across all users that are invited to a particular Xim. While there are a number of photo sharing services available, Microsoft's Xim is shaping up to be a simple and unique cross-platform app that the company is clearly invested in. It joins a number of other apps that Microsoft has developed for iOS and Android recently.