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Parks and Recreation's final season will predict our future

Parks and Recreation's final season will predict our future


The first teaser shows what three years from now might look like

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NBC is bringing us back to Pawnee, Indiana next month for the farewell season of Parks and Recreation, and Entertainment Weekly just premiered a teaser that shows what the future holds — literally.

The 30-second spot — which features both a delivery drone hovering above Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) using a see-through touch-screen tablet — shows us that creator Mike Schur is following up on his promise to HitFix back in April that the comedy would become "very gently sci-fi" in its final episodes. Fans of the series will remember that, in the final scene of the sixth season, the story flashed forward three years to show Knope and company working for the National Parks Service.

The sci-fi themes won't necessarily dominate the show's arc — the teaser also reveals a few character developments, like Andy (Chris Pratt) getting his own TV show based on his birthday-entertainer personality "Johnny Karate." But the idea of a primetime network comedy commenting our near future is tantalizing, and Schur elaborated in that interview the series won't hesitate to paint its own picture. "There will be the opportunity, should we be so inclined, to make jokes and references to what we imagine the cultural and political landscape to be in 2017," he said. There are limits, of course. "Rule number one for the writers when we committed to the jump was: no hoverboards."