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Facebook experimenting with 'official' classifieds in Groups

Facebook experimenting with 'official' classifieds in Groups

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It's not a full-fledged classifieds section, but Facebook wants to make it easier to sell your stuff over the social network. You've just got to be in the same Facebook Group as whoever's doing the buying. The Next Web reports that Facebook is testing a feature that lets Group members enter details about items they're selling in place of a normal status update or wall post. There are designated fields for an item title, location, description, photo, and asking price. Once all that's filled in, Facebook posts your sale in a nice, easily readable format that makes skimming over classifieds much easier.

That's where Facebook's involvement in your sale ends, though. The company takes no responsibility for purchases or sales made through Groups pages. Much like Craigslist, you're on your own if things somehow go bad or you get scammed. But if rolled out widely, the feature could bring some much needed organization to existing Groups set up for the sole purpose of local sales between family, friends, and neighbors.

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An example of what classified posts look like without Facebook's new formatting.