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Watch every onscreen death in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

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Let's get this out of the way first: I don't think there are exactly 212,470 on-screen deaths during Peter Jackson's entire (extended edition) Lord of the Rings, as purported by this six-minute supercut... but I also don't care because it's still a great recap to the more than 11 hours of beautiful cinema that ultimately led us to part three of The Hobbit trilogy that's now in cinemas worldwide.

Never forget, though, that of all the deaths in Lord of the Rings, only one really, truly mattered — and that's of course the character Boromir, played by acting fall guy Sean Bean. He's #155 in the video, but he'll always been #1 in my heart.


And if that isn't enough, here's every on-screen death in the original Star Wars trilogy. Again, just ignore the numbers and enjoy: