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US officials link Sony Pictures hack to North Korea

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US officials are now pointing the finger at North Korea for the hacks against Sony Pictures, multiple reports claim. Citing government intelligence officials, The New York Times says that the country was "centrally involved" in the attack that led to troves of internal Sony Pictures documents being leaked, including plans for future studio projects. Citing unnamed officials, CNBC adds that the hacks came from outside the country, though were orchestrated by North Korea.

The US is expected to make an official statement on the matter tomorrow, though Reuters says the Obama administration has been mulling the decision to release its findings.

The information released by the hackers group, who calls itself "Guardians of Peace," has left chaos in its wake, from politically incorrect exchanges between executives, to details on unannounced projects, and a lawsuit against Sony Pictures by its employees. Since the hacks, the group has also threatened theaters and theater-goers over the release of The Interview, a film about assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which lead to Sony canceling its planned theatrical release today.