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Synchronize video from seven different cameras using Casio’s SynchroShot app

Casio just announced its SynchroShot app that allows photographers to control up to seven Exilim EX-100PRO cameras from an Android tablet. The company claims enough accuracy (500µ seconds) for high-speed videos or continuous photos to be synchronized.

The EX-100PRO features a 10.7x optical zoom lens with F2.8 aperture and the ability to shoot 60 images per second. The camera can also be fitted to a telescope or microscope and shoot video or photos while rotating 180 degrees. Although the EX-100PRO is being touted as a camera for professional use by sports photographers or university researchers, the tech is certain to filter down into Casio’s consumers devices in time. It's not quite bullet time, but it's a start. No price was announced for the January 13th availability date.

Casio EX-100PRO