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Plex for PlayStation 4 delayed in the US as it launches in Europe

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Xbox One owners have already been enjoying the delights of Plex for two months, and it’s now arriving on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 just in time for the holidays. Plex has emerged as a go-to app for home theater diehards, and a popular choice for people who download movie and TV show rips. On PlayStation 4 it looks identical to the Xbox One version, with a horizontal interface to organize all your movies and TV shows. Recently added movies are available front and center, and music / photo support is coming at a later date.

Plex is debuting in Europe and Asia today, but a US launch "will happen in the near future" according to the company. The odd delay could be down to Sony as Plex notes "it takes a while to work out all the details with Sony." While Plex Media Server is free on a PC or Mac, the PS4 app is limited to Plex Pass subscribers initially — just like the Xbox One version. A one-time fee version is expected at a later date, but for now you’ll need to pay $4.99 a month to access the app and the various Plex Pass subscriber options. If you’re in Europe or Asia then Plex is available immediately in the PlayStation Store.