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Coffee is an Android Wear app that lets you send texts without talking to your watch

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Talking to your smartwatch to dictate a text or Hangouts reply is one of the less fantastic things about Android Wear; even when it's reliable, it always looks awkward. But now there's a new app that can fire off hundreds of canned responses — and you don't need to do any talking. It's called Coffee and is available starting today for free. Coffee lets you swipe through replies for nearly any scenario, including the old standbys like "Can't talk right now" and "I'm running late." And if the included responses don't feel like you, there's also the option to enter in your own custom text replies. Coffee's developers say the app and its user interface were designed from the ground up for Android Wear, and the images we've seen do make everything look pretty straightforward and fast, which is the important part. We haven't had any time to see if Coffee lives up to the promise, but it could be worth a try if it means less conversations with your wrist.