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Comcast is now streaming TV shows in 4K, but only for Samsung TVs

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Comcast is stepping into 4K content with the launch of a new service it's calling Xfinity in UHD. Unfortunately, only customers with 2014 Samsung 4K TVs can take advantage of the new app, which severely limits the number of users right out of the gate. It's not like there's much to watch anyway — at least for right now. To start, Comcast is offering episodes from the current seasons of Chicago Fire, Suits, and Covert Affairs. And that's it. But the top US cable provider is promising to add Parks and Recreation in February, and presumably its plans don't end there.

Comcast says it'll expand Xfinity in UHD to include all customers (and presumably all 4K TVs) in 2015. Critical to that strategy is the release of a new X1 set-top box capable of delivering 4K content. With TVs getting more affordable and content finally readily available from Netflix and Amazon, 2015 is poised to be a pretty important year in gauging just how interested consumers are in the ultra-sharp picture quality. For now, Comcast is dipping its toes in the water with Samsung, but it's got bigger ambitions for the new year.