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Microsoft sells its MixRadio music service to Line

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Microsoft is selling off its MixRadio service to Line after inheriting it as part of the Nokia phone business acquisition earlier this year. The software maker revealed in a July internal email that it was planning to sell MixRadio, so today’s announcement is no surprise. Nokia MixRadio currently offers free music streaming on Lumia phones, curated in a radio-like way. Line operates a hugely popular messaging app that has seen fast growth in Asian markets, and it recently launched its own subscription-based music streaming service: Line Music.

"I am confident that MixRadio provides an outstanding music service, which is an important component of consumers’ life," says Jung-ho Shin, chief globalization officer at Line. "I also believe that Line’s global footprints will further enable MixRadio to bring endless pleasure to them." The MixRadio team will continue to build its music app for Lumia smartphones, but it’s clear this service will likely surface on iOS and Android in the future. Microsoft's sale means the company is left with Xbox Music, a streaming music service that is now subscription only. Microsoft and Line have not disclosed deal terms, but it’s expected to close in early 2015.