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Pandora's new Xbox One app lets you listen to stations while gaming

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Vevo is also coming to Microsoft's console this week

Pandora, the hugely popular streaming music service, has launched its first app on a video game console. It's available on Xbox One starting today. "Pandora on Xbox One takes advantage of all the functionality the platform has to offer and our team built the application to look amazing on the biggest screen in your home," the company wrote in a blog post. That includes the ability to snap Pandora to the side of your TV screen and keep listening to your stations during gameplay. Pandora has also built in Kinect voice and gesture controls, so while game developers are still largely ignoring Microsoft's add-on, at least app makers are still taking advantage.

Pin your stations and keep listening while you play Halo

Pandora says the app has been designed specifically for the living room, with a mini-player that remains visible as you browse around the app, and an alternate view that displays your cumulative listening time for each station. It's somewhat surprising that Pandora has taken this long to reach consoles — especially when you factor in its own stats. "76 percent of our male listeners ages 13-34, who identify themselves as console gamers report that Pandora often serves as their background music while gaming," the company said. The Pandora app is available only to US Xbox Live users.

Vevo xbox one

Microsoft is also adding another music app to Xbox One this week, but this one's focused on videos. Vevo has launched its own app for the console, bringing with it a huge vault of music videos. Microsoft announced that Vevo would be coming back in June when the company unveiled a long list of upcoming apps. The company has pushed far ahead of PlayStation 4 in making its console a do-all-things entertainment device, though Sony has made it very clear that its first priority is gaming.