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Xbox One preview members get early access to Halo 5 beta tomorrow

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An early Christmas present from Microsoft and 343 industries

Microsoft is gifting its dedicated Xbox One preview members an early Christmas present tomorrow: early access to Halo 5. While 343 industries and Microsoft plan to launch a Halo 5 multiplayer beta on December 29th, Xbox One preview members will be able to play content from week one a whole 10 days early. The early access is invite-only, and all current Xbox One preview members should receive a message from Xbox Live tomorrow with two codes to obtain the download.

Halo 5 multiplayer beta early access will start at 4PM ET tomorrow, and end at 3AM ET on December 22nd, giving Xbox One preview members the weekend before Christmas Day to get used to the new weapons, maps, and Spartan abilities. Those include a new Smart Scope option that gives you a scope on every weapon, and a Ground Pound ability, that’s very similar to Destiny’s First of Havoc slam, to let you drop down from the air and attack enemies. We were impressed with our early look at Halo 5 multiplayer, noting that it returns to what made Halo great.