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Sony just published a new YouTube promo for The Interview: 'In Franco and Rogen we trust'

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In the midst of canceling The Interview's December 25th release, it looks like Sony forgot to unschedule a YouTube promo video. A new 30-spot just popped up on Sony Pictures Entertainment's YouTube channel with the prescient description, "Only one movie has the whole world talking. In Rogen and Franco we trust." (In the clip itself the names are reversed: "In Franco and Rogen We Trust.") Release date? Christmas Day.


I think it's safe to say this is an accident and not a bizarre way to announce a reversal in yesterday's decision. As of last night, Sony said that it "has no further release plans for the film" — which also means no plans to put it online.

Update: Looks like Sony pulled the video, but if you're so inclined, we've got it embedded above.

interview on YT