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FBI to name North Korea as culprit in Sony hack today

FBI to name North Korea as culprit in Sony hack today


The hacks may also be linked to China

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation will say later today that North Korea was behind the cyberattack on Sony, according to Reuters and CBS. Reuters reports that investigators will also say there may also be a link to China in the hack, with Chinese servers potentially being involved. It appears to be unknown if this link is because the hack was accomplished in collaboration with China or if Chinese servers were being used to hide the source of the attack. North Korea has been widely seen as the likely culprit in the cyberattack, though it has denied any involvement.

An announcement is expected to come before 1:30PM ET, when Obama will be holding a press conference. It is not clear what, if any, steps the White House will take against North Korea in response. Yesterday, the White House press secretary said that the US must take a "proportional" response. "Sophisticated actors, when they carry out actions like this, are oftentimes … seeking to provoke a response from the United States of America," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, according to The Washington Times. "They may believe that a response from us in one fashion or another could be advantageous to them. We want to be mindful of that, too."