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Facebook releases a new app for covering your photos in stickers

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Stickered is available today on Android, and on iOS 'soon'

Facebook's cartoon stickers add a whimsical touch to the company's Messenger app, and now they're coming to photos. The company announced today a new app called Stickered that lets you add stickers to your pictures, and then send it to a friend using Messenger. The app, which is available today on Android and on iOS "soon," lets you add as many stickers as you want to pictures using either your front or rear camera. Or you can add stickers to a photo from your camera roll.


Stickered is one of a number of holiday updates from the Messenger team, which also include new themed sticker packs, a "festive frame" for New Year's Eve pictures, and "snow globe chat heads." It's all in good fun, and a nice little present for everyone still mad that Facebook spun out its messaging features into a standalone app.

Stickered can be downloaded here.