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25 years of live Nine Inch Nails performances are available in one 527GB torrent

25 years of live Nine Inch Nails performances are available in one 527GB torrent


From Pretty Hate Machine to the present

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If you're a Nine Inch Nails fan and want to get your hands on nearly every bit of music Trent Reznor has ever performed, look no further: NIN fan site / archive Reflecting in the Chrome has just released a 527GB Torrent file that has essentially every single NIN concert that has been recorded, from the Pretty Hate Machine days through the present. That isn't everything the band has done, but a quick perusal of the archive shows that it is incredibly comprehensive.

The site's founder Ryan J. has been searching out and organizing the shows for a good six years and now feels the collection is complete enough to put out there. Nearly everything is sourced from an audience recording, which means the audio quality isn't going to match that of a traditional, band-sourced live recording, but the upside is that fans can probably find any show they've attended over the years — or find some classic performances they may have missed. Each source is clearly labeled, graded, and includes audio samples so you know what you're getting into. Most files are in FLAC for the best quality, and the mastermind behind the project says he's actively looking to upgrade the shows that are only available in MP3.

This really is for hardcore completionists only, though — NIN typically keeps its setlists similar on most dates of a tour, meaning that you'll only hear minute variations from show to show. A big exception to that is probably NIN's 2009 "farewell" tour, in which the band constantly changed up performances and even played the entirety of The Downward Spiral in order at several shows — those are the first recordings I'm looking to get my hands on. Of course, it's going to take a while to download all 527GB. If you don't feel like maxing out your connection or are hurting on hard drive space, though, there's another option — you can ship a hard drive to Ryan J. and he'll fill it up and mail it back, so long as you pay for the postage.