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BlackBerry is working on Boeing's long-awaited self-destructing phone

BlackBerry is working on Boeing's long-awaited self-destructing phone

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Boeing's mysterious, self-destructing Black phone is getting help in the security department from none other than BlackBerry. During a conference call on Friday, BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced that the company is collaborating with the defense contractor to bake its end-to-end BES 12 platform into the long-gestating Android device.

Still a mystery

The Boeing Black phone, which was due out way back in 2012, first appeared in FCC filings earlier this year. In addition to dual SIM cards and an expandable back panel for biometric scanners and satellite transceivers, the device has a unique tamper-proof covering that will erase data if it's disassembled. BlackBerry's own mobile security platform only adds to the phone's feature set. Chen, though pleased about the collaboration, would not offer any new information about the phone however, saying after the announcement, "That, by the way, is all they allow me to say."

Of course, this is only the most recent move on BlackBerry's part in a much larger push to improve security on mobile, especially as the company is well-regarded for its enterprise security practices. At an event in San Francisco last month, Chen announced a partnership with Samsung to integrate the BES 12 platform into the Android phone maker's own Knox security solution.