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Watch how the beautiful papercraft game Lumino City was built

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Lumino City is an absolutely gorgeous game, a colorful world built entirely of real world materials like paper and cardboard. It's a process that gives the game a distinct look and feel. "There's such a sense of warmth you can give to a story using real materials," creative director Luke Whittaker told The Verge last month. It was also an incredibly time-consuming process; the game, which includes an 8-foot-tall motorized water wheel as its centerpiece, took the small team at studio State of Play three years to build.

Luckily, they've been documenting the process, so you can see how the game moved from concept sketches to simple 2D computer models to an intricately detailed papercraft city. It's fascinating to watch, and the video above is just a teaser — a full-fledged documentary is on its way, appropriately dubbed From Paper to Play. The game meanwhile, launches very soon: you can pick it up tomorrow on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

Lumino City