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Google+ can now 'Auto Enhance' your home videos to make them less crummy

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Google+ may never pose a legitimate threat to Facebook, but the service has certainly found its niche. This week, the social network continued its quest to be your go-to home for photos and videos with a new feature that will automatically make your crummy smartphone videos look a bit better. Like it already does for photos, Google's algorithms will now analyze videos you upload to the social network and apply a suite of edits — if you approve of the changes. It's the latest edition to "Auto Enhance," a highly publicized Google+ feature that was first released last year.

From a sample video released alongside this week's announcement, it looks like Google will apply software-based image stabilization to make shaky videos watchable, as well as a number of tweaks to exposure, contrast, and color tones. When you upload videos to Google+, you'll be told that "Auto Enhance" is available. You can then view a low-resolution sample of the changes before you decide that you would like to apply them. The changes are all reversible, of course, and you can opt out of the service entirely if you wish.