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This large 'stick bug' robot has a name, and it's Hector

This large 'stick bug' robot has a name, and it's Hector

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Imagine a giant, mechanical stick bug that comfortably traverse small steps and rough rough terrain like loose gravel. In other words, all the normal accommodations that'd hypothetically keep these creatures from coming into your house through the backyard.

It's the results of a research project from Bielefeld University to emulate the movement of a stick bug — and yes, that means the video above includes footage of a stick bug covered in motion capture balls, suffering the same humiliation as Andy Serkis in a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Scientists have named the proof of concept Hector. Here's a bit more detail: all six legs can move independent of one another, and each limb can alter its movement while already in motion if it detects any potential collision. This decentralized control system is being called the Walknet.

Honestly, it's an impressive demo video, so contain any inherent revulsion to insectoid movements and enjoy the science.