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Cadillac will let you replace your rearview mirror with a video feed in 2016

Cadillac will let you replace your rearview mirror with a video feed in 2016

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In 2016, a rearview mirror with a video display built in will be a standard option on the Cadillac CT6, the carmaker's upcoming flagship sedan. With the wide-angle video feed enabled, the "mirror" will offer a field of view up to four times greater than that of a standard mirror, according to GM. Of course, when you use a camera mounted in the car's rear instead of a mirror, you won't have to deal with kids or luggage getting in the way of your view, either.

No more children muddling up your view

And Cadillac has apparently worked hard to make sure that the screen won't be difficult to see in less-than-stellar conditions. In a press release, the company says that it's using a "high dynamic range" camera that produces a "video feed [that] reduces glare and allows a crisper image in low-light situations, versus a traditional glass electrochromatic, or auto-dimming, rearview mirror." The exterior camera also has a hydrophobic coating that should help keep it clear even in rainy conditions. Fortunately, if you do have issues viewing the video feed on the 1280 x 240 LCD built into the unit, you'll be able to switch back to a traditional mirror with the click of a button.

Rearview mirrors with HD camera feeds have been available as aftermarket upgrades for some time, but car manufacturers have yet to make them standard options on their vehicles. Nissan has plans to release a similar unit in its vehicles next year, though Cadillac will likely still be one of the first to offer such a system as an option in its cars.