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Drake owns the BlackBerry Classic. BlackBerry's comeback is complete

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The BlackBerry Classic was never going to appeal to everyone. It's strictly for the diehards, the Inbox Zero-chasers and the enterprise elite most comfortable with a design language that matured in the mid-aughts. "It's not for them," fans might say. "It's for us." The strategy is working. Drake is all in on BlackBerry's comeback. The game has officially changed.

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Thank you Blackberry!!! Still PING squad for life. @ovo40 @getfadedinc @ovomark @morgan_mr

champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf ()

Look how excited he is! Maybe we should be, too. Drake, one of the finest rappers and Canadians we have at the moment, has been a BlackBerry lover for some time now. There were even rumors earlier this year that the company approached him to help the phone, though said rumors were later categorically denied. It may have been a missed opportunity. Observe the comments:

Drake comments

Nevermind the subtle plug for his new track "6 God." Still, you might be inclined to laugh a little at his elation. After all, this is Drake we're talking about. He's probably not worried about that though. We haven't yet reached out to Aubrey about his new Classic, but if we had to guess, he'd have only this to say:

Drake Happy