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You can now buy HP's Chromebook 14 with a 1080p touchscreen

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We've said that the mediocre screen on HP's Chromebook 14 "kills the whole appeal of an otherwise solid Chromebook," and it seems HP may have come to the same realization. Recently, HP introduced the option to purchase its Chromebook 14 with a 1080p touchscreen. So not only is it sharper than the default panel (and perfect for Netflix), but you get the benefit of using Chrome OS through touch — if that's something you'd prefer versus a trackpad. Just as you'd expect, the better screen comes at a higher price.

The Full HD Chromebook 14 runs $439.99, but you're also getting double the RAM: this model includes 4GB compared to the regular's 2GB. It's still got the same Tegra K1 chipset inside, which should prove ample for most tasks you'd be doing with a Chromebook. But keep in mind the Chromebook 14 isn't exactly a light traveler. It's one of the heavier Chromebooks out there, though the tradeoff gets you all the ports you'd really need. Hopefully you weren't counting on a choice of colors though, as the new and improved Chromebook 14 only comes in a silver / black style.